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Flick Learning

We are proud to be partners of flick learning.

flick are on a mission to transform the world of must-do training into engaging, enjoyable and highly effective e-learning.

All flick courses are nationally recognised qualifications that meet both legal sector and Ofsted-related requirements.

They believe in keeping their content bite-sized, to-the-point and easy-on-the-eye.

Stunning imagery. Animation. Gamification. Narration. Music and Sound Effects. Interactivity. Playful competition. Social engagement. Accredited content. Flawless performance on any device.

One price for access to all flick courses for a year.

Welcome to the evolution of e-learning. Welcome to flick.

To find out more about flick learning:

call: 0203 814 0492
email: hello@flicklearning.com
web: www.flicklearning.com


Why choose The Education Broker?

★ We are a Preferred Supplier of NAHT and an Approved Partner of NASBM

★ We offer four different policies, each of which can provide extensive cover

★ Pre-existing illnesses and pre-planned operations can be covered

★ Cover available for chronic conditions

★ Receive our wellbeing service, free in the first year

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To find out more about The Education Broker or to get a quote:

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