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Working Well Together is our unique health and wellbeing service exclusively from The Education Broker.

The Education Broker's unique Working Well Together wellbeing service supports school improvement by enabling staff to maintain or improve their health.

The Education Broker will fully fund the first year cost of this valuable service for schools, colleges and academies when they become clients.


By ensuring staff members are healthy it’s more likely they’ll take fewer days sick leave, reducing the number of claims made against your staff absence insurance. This service could potentially save you money in the long run and demonstrates to staff that you care about their wellbeing.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch our film

Watch Kriss Akabusi MBE introduce Working Well Together in our 2 minute film below. Plus you’ll also hear from teachers who have experienced and benefited from this service.

How does Working Well Together work?

Step 1 - Become a client of The Education Broker

Your school, college, academy, nursery or special school purchases one of the four staff absence insurance policies available through The Education Broker.

Step 2 - Learn how healthy you are

After going on cover, a qualified health technician will visit your place of work to perform health checks on staff insured under your policy.

Each staff member will receive details of their health check results with a full explanation of what they mean, how they compare to the general public and what is considered healthy and not. The results are individually personalised to each staff member and completely anonymous when presented in a report to the school leader.

Step 3 - Maintain or improve health

Staff wishing to take action can access a user-friendly library of information here to help maintain or improve their health.

Also included are confidential helplines which you and your staff will have to access to 24/7. These helplines cover issues like stress counselling, medical issues, legal affairs and money matters.

Whats involved?

The health checks include a body fat check (%), height to weight ratio, bone mass and BMI check, fat mass (%), body water (%), basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, visceral fat (%) and a blood pressure test.

How long does it take?

The health checks take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

At the health check

The health technician will discuss individually with each member of staff what their health check results mean. Staff will also receive a printed report of their results and a booklet to further explain what their results mean.

After the health check

Staff can access a suite of documents about improving and maintaining their health. The school leader will also receive an anonymised summary of the results so they can understand the overall health of their staff.

Your school champion

If the school wishes to nominate a 'health champion' our health technician will work with them so that they feel enabled to motivate and encourage staff to make positive changes. They will also have access to a knowledge hub of how to help their colleagues lead a healthier lifestyle.

What schools think?

"My staff were checked thoroughly, yet it only took a few minutes because of the state of the art equipment. There were no needles or asking anyone to go behind a screen. No one was forced to have a check and even those who were at first a bit nervous ended up enjoying the experience. The whole experience was great and allowed my staff to have a fun session together."
Caroline Newman, Head Teacher, Gladstone Primary, Barry

"It was great to see my school caring about my health and helping me to make healthy changes to my lifestyle."
Lisa Belby, Teacher, Gladstone Primary, Barry 

To find out more about The Education Broker or to get a quote:

call: 0800 7833 500
email: info@theeducationbroker.co.uk


*The Education Broker will fully fund the first-year cost of this health and wellbeing service for schools. 


Why choose The Education Broker?

★ We are a Preferred Supplier of NAHT and an Approved Partner of ISBL

★ We offer four different policies, each of which can provide extensive cover

★ Pre-existing illnesses and pre-planned operations can be covered

★ Cover available for chronic conditions

★ Receive our wellbeing service, free in the first year

'Best Value' analysis in one step

To find out more about The Education Broker or to get a quote:

call: 0800 7833 500
email: info@theeducationbroker.co.uk

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